Welcome to Homesteading Stewards. For many years, we have been gardening, raising chickens, canning, etc. We originally did all this living in a small Alabama town, but a little over seven years ago we were able to move to a piece of property in the country. We set out to make this move over 8 years ago and have been working steadily towards the goal. It required giving up a lot, including our house and many things in it.

Our decision to simplify our lives was met with everything from disbelief and disdain to support and envy. Sometimes you have to sacrifice now to get where you’re going, and that is why we chose to do something that appears radical to most. It was not without apprehension, but it was with thankfulness to God that we forged ahead. We have accomplished a lot, but we have more to do and a lot to learn as we build and grow our homestead. We want to share this adventure in hopes of encouraging or inspiring others and to have the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

If you’d like to know more about our journey to this adventure, visit our History page. As we grow our homestead, we will be adding pages and information, as well as regular updates on our blog page.  We will also add links and pass on sources of information as we come across them. Please visit often and let us hear from you.

Roy and Susan

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  • Hey Roy & Susan;
    Are you still monitoring this website and keeping it active? Our lives will be changing dramatically very soon. I just submitted my Letter of Retirement to the board and Dave. It will be effective November, 2014. From that point on we will be without a schedule. I am certain I will miss the birds terribly but Miss Ruby and I have postponed those dreams and goals for too long so we are going to pursue them diligently now. Please drop us a line and bring us up to date on the family and homestead. Take care and God bless.

    • Dan and Ruby,
      Good to hear from you! We are still here plodding along. Same schedule as last we talked (emailed). Roy just bought a 60″ Gravely mower that will make his GA life easier and we are still looking for something to help make yard cutting easier on the AL side of the line (that’s me). Please keep in touch as you move into this new phase of life. Happy to hear you are doing what you’d been planning, but disappointed I never got up there to visit! Take care and God bless to you both, too!

  • Roy,

    Leslie and
    I will up the ante with Chinook Salmon for corn? LOL
    I would offer you all the bear meat you want, but that stuff is NASTY!

  • Roy,
    I vote for Buffs as well. We raised them for years and our kids loved them. My grandson loves to sit on the ground with a hen in his lap or just carry one around. They are very gentle as you know. By the way, we are thinking about raising them here in Alaska and with the large predator list of bears, eagles, mink, martin, do you have an idea how to keep them out of the pens and prevent them from digging under the fences? Thanks, Steve

  • Hey Roy & Susan;
    The site is nicely done and very interesting. We have begun our greenhouse in Alaska and the zuchs are already sprouting tiny ones. How about we trade you some Alaska salmon for some Bama corn this year? Glad to see the Lord has blessed you so for your faith and good works. Keep it up and we will continue to visit this site regularly. Take care and God bless.

      • OK, when will the sweet corn be ready? Give us an idea when you can ship us some and I will get you some sockeye salmon. Looking forward to some Bama sweet corn, um, um, um. Thanks and God bless.

  • Hey guys!!! The site looks good Susan. I saw Mr. Roy this morning at the store, he was telling me about your adventure, and the blog 🙂 I love it! We all need to get together soon, I would love for you guys to meet my sweetie and the girls. Love y’all

    • Kathy, let’s do get together soon. Would love to meet your family…bring them all including Mom and Dad, sisters, et al.

  • Can I be envious without being sinfully envious? If so, I am envious. Someday I want to build a log house on a small plot of land. I think it is my dream and not shared by my beautiful wife. Maybe it will be a hunting cabin.

  • Brother and Sister

    Had to learn about this site from cousin Debbie in Ky! Looks good. Enjoyed the philosophy page. Keep up the good work.

    We planted asparagus and strawberries this week. The asparagus is up already. Will keep you posted about progress.


  • We are now growing Heirloom Tomatoes. Cool. I have six flats in a homemade floatbed, made from an old sunken tub I spotted behind a friends Garage. Waste not want not. Have you checked The Appalachian Heirloom Seed Conservancy. It’s based in Berea Ky. Bill Best retired Professor and all around good guy is one of the founders. I’m on a chat group called MainlyGardening through yahoo. Wow! My friend Roger Postly insisted I join. More info than you can shake a stick at. By the way, Brooke Elliot is planning a period garden at Fort Boonesboro.

    • Debbie, Can you describe your “float bed”, how it works, and its advantage (along with suggestion on how to do it effectively (and, of course, cheaply) make one? I have never use a “float Bed”.

  • Good morning. I’m thinking about chickens, I noticed on your page that you asked for suggestions. Buff Orphingtons! I have raised them several times & plan to again. They are a large beautiful breed. Gentle and wonderful mothers. The hens lay a large brown egg, and the roosters are not as agressive as other breeds. To be honest though, I love the little crooning sounds they make, and they are good natured. They like to roam as many breeds do, but will not sulk when penned.

    • Thanks Debbie. I agree, Buff Orpingtons are wonderful. My “pet” chicken is a Buff, and she is sweet and full of personality. She “talks” to us whenever she catches a glimpse of us, and I, too, love the little crooning sounds. I hope to add to my Buff Orpington population soon!

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