Coons in the Corn

Roy discovered on Wednesday that racoons had been in his corn and gotten a few ears. He lowered the bottom wire on the electric fence thinking they may be coming in under it. The next day, even more were eaten (shucked and devoured right on the stalk), so he picked the ones that were the closest to ready. It was aggravating because they were just 2 or 3 days and a good watering from being ready. They next day they had gotten even more, so with great frustration, we picked almost all of it, leaving only the very premature ones. Roy was hoping they’d leave those alone, since they’d only been eating the best ones. It didn’t work, and Saturday, the corn patch was ravaged.

Sunday, Roy shucked the ears we got, and most of them were just shy of being filled out. Ironically, it rained Thursday and Friday for the first time in weeks. We put up 8 gallon sized bags in the freezer, and kept a few out to eat now.

We thought about how blessed we are not to be relying on that corn to feed our family. It would have been nice to have, but we will not go hungry without it. In past generations, it would have been devastating, not just aggravating. With that in mind, we are thankful to God for our abundance.

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