We have spent the last few years working towards a simpler life because we believe it will be a better life.  It seemed like a pretty straightforward task, but simplifying has been a surprising challenge.  We have never lived an extravagant life, and it is hard to pare down when you don’t feel like you have a lot to start with.  We have never had television, but most of the time we’ve had a television set and a VCR, so that we could watch movies during breaks, sickness, etc.  We’ve had a computer for years, but with dial-up internet.  We drive (very) used cars, eat out rarely, and are frugal with what we have.  The kids were not raised with computer games, cell phones, or any other technological gadgets.  But it is amazing how much stuff we do have.  We knew the move and desire to simplify our lives would mean we would have to scale back alot on what we kept.  We were even excited about it.  Still it has been a process and one we are still in the middle of.  There are so many elements that come into play.  There is the sentimental stuff, the practical stuff, the stuff you will surely need someday, the stuff you use every day, and for me and the girls, there is the stuff we just like having.  So, yes, it is a struggle.  It is hard to let go, even when you know that freedom lies ahead.

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