Who We Are

Homesteading has been a dream long in coming for us. It started with just a wish, then an opportunity which launched a vision, and now we are having to see it through with hard work and much patience.

We are a blended family with 2 married sons and 3 teenage daughters. One son is a musician and music teacher, the other is a minister. Our oldest daughter started college this past fall, and our two youngest are students at a small Christian school.  Roy is from the mountains of Kentucky and was a minister for almost 30 years. I am from Alabama, and although I have held many odd jobs to make ends meet, homemaker is the job I have put my life into.

We are Christians above all else. Within the pages of this site, we hope to share with others the things we are learning and have accomplished and learn from others also.

UPDATE:Since beginning this adventure, time has brought a few changes. We have graduated a second daughter, who will begin college in the fall. The oldest has only one year left in college, and the youngest will begin her sophomore year in high school. We have finished our cabin and moved in this past fall of 2012, but we still have the camper as a “guest house, hatchery, office” of sorts.

Roy has entered ministry again, so has less time to devote to the property, but we are still at it as if he did! I am working full time in town now, so we each put in long hours by the time we get everything done.

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