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Shed in the woods

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We’ve lived at the property for almost 7 years now, and until this summer, we had stacks of firewood sitting around in tipi style stacks. Stacking the wood like this does help shed water and preserve the wood longer than if it were just laying on the ground, but we’ve been planning for a woodshed since we first started work here. We finally got the camp house finished for the parents, with the exception of the stove pipe and half bath, so Roy got busy and whipped it out one week.  The truth is, the flooring system got built a year and a half ago, but between aging and sick relatives and building the newest accommodation, it got pushed aside.

It’s nestled in the edge of the woods beside the cabin, and it’s big enough with the lean-to, to hold a year’s worth of wood for both houses, the generator, wood splitter, lawnmower, and various other tools. Roy built it using the same method as we did for the chicken coop (see construction pictures with that article), which we call “pig trough” construction.

100% of the wood used was left over from what we sawed for the cabin. Even still, we have a few stacks of lumber and cants left. He used recycled tin for the roof, that came off the former workshop/now parent’s house. The cedar posts were some he cut years ago, when someone let him cut off of their property. 

The final structure looks like it’s been there for years, and we’re extremely pleased with the whole thing. Roy spent the rest of the summer filling it with wood. Each time I walk out to look around, I find new things he has added to make it even more efficient. Today, I found the fishing poles, in PVC rings, hanging from the rafters.

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