Amy’s Organic Soups: Tomato, No Chicken Noodle, and Vegetable Barley

Amy’s Organic Soups: Tomato, No Chicken Noodle, and Vegetable Barley


Amy’s brand has quite a variety of soups available for a nutritious and organic meal, that you don’t have to make yourself. They are all ready to heat and serve, rather than being concentrated. They are low calorie naturally, so eating a whole can only gets you a little over 200 calories in most cases. So far, I have tried several of them, with mixed reviews.

Top ratings go to the Cream of Tomato. It is absolutely the BEST tomato soup I have ever eaten. The flavor is perfect. I grew up a fan of Campbell’s, and before Amy’s, had never met a tomato soup that I would substitute. However, after eating Amy’s, I wouldn’t go back if Campbell’s went organic! It has a very strong tomato taste, which I like, because I always preferred making the condensed version with water, not milk. Ingredients are all organic: tomato puree, filtered water, cream, can sugar, onions, sea salt, cracked black pepper. It has 110 calories per serving, 2 servings per can…although I eat the whole can for 220 calories and a few crackers for lunch.

The No Chicken Noodle made me laugh the first time I read the can…it’s a catchy name.  I rather like having chicken in my soup, but this is great for people who prefer vegan. The broth and the noodles are excellent. Somehow they taste like chicken, but as a vegan dish it has no chicken products, and instead of chicken chunks, it has tofu. In many cases, I am not a fan of tofu as meat, but in this case it works. I still prefer my own homemade chicken noodle, but this is a good soup if you are wanting canned. It has a mere 100 calories a serving, with 2 one cup servings per can. Ingredients are all organic: filtered water, onions, carrots, noodles (semolina flour, water), tofu, (filtered water, soybeans, nigari [magnesium chloride, a natural firming agent]), celery, leeks, hydrolyzed corn and soy protein, high oleic safflower and/or sunflower oil, parsley, yeast extract, spices.

I like the Vegetable Barley quite well, too. It is also vegan, but full of flavor. It is hearty and has plenty of vegetables and I really like the addition of the barley. I would give this one a 7 out of 10. The best part to me about this soup, is that it only has 70 calories per serving. I can eat the whole can for a mere 140, making it my go to when I have a larger breakfast, or anticipate extra calories in the evening. Ingredients are all organic: filtered water, organic onions, organic barley, organic carrots, organic celery, organic diced tomatoes, organic leeks, organic zucchini, organic peas, organic tomato puree, sea salt, organic spices*, organic safflower and/or sunflower oil, organic garlic, bay leaves, organic black pepper. Contains gluten.*100% pure herbs & spices (no hidden ingredients)
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