Annie’s Mac and Cheese

Annie’s Mac and Cheese

DSC09955I have long been a staunch supporter of Kraft Mac and Cheese. When I was a poor newlywed, a long, long time ago, I tried a store brand (Thrifty Maid to be exact) and decided I’d rather not eat mac and cheese if I couldn’t afford “the real thing”. I have never gone back on my pledge, until now. For reasons I will go into later, in a longer post, I have sworn off Kraft forever. Only natural and organic mac and cheese for me. I was sad and skeptical, but Annie’s was so appealing, with her little bunny mascot! I am a sucker for packaging and my hat’s off to Annie and her crew. That’s what got me to take the risk in the first place…but the contents of the box is why I will buy it again and again.

The ingredients are: Organic wheat macaroni, cheddar cheese, whey, nonfat milk, butter, salt, cultured whole milk, sodium phosphate (salt), annatto extract for color. Period.

It doesn’t “taste exactly like Kraft”, it is better. It tastes real. Real good. Real healthy. And that makes me happy. I am an Annie’s fan. I wanted to tell everyone so they can be happy and healthy, too, and Annie can keep making more of her mac and cheese.

Read all about it here…

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