The Cabin

We moved into the cabin gradually over about a two week period, and have been living in it for over a month. I think we were so tired, that we just shut down for awhile and I am just now to a place where I am motivated to share pictures. We still have a few things to do, like 3 pieces of baseboard moulding, finishing the two posts in the middle of the room, painting (after sanding) above the stairs, and staining the window casings in the two windows on the stairs, and a few etcs. Oh, and putting up bedroom doors! Honestly, though, if someone told me those things would never get done (except for the doors) I am not sure I would care. I do actually have plans to get it all done sooner than later. There is much to say a lots of pictures to show about the cabin and living in it. I will put them all together and share as I am able. Overall though, it is absolutely perfect. It is just completely pleasant to be in. We love the floor plan and how well it functions and best of all, it is unaccountably comfortable temperature wise. We have barely run any heat, even when it has been below freezing at night. When I look at these pictures together, I can’t believe we finally finished.



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