Garden 5/25/11

Garden overview

The garden is coming along well, except for the potatoes. We aren’t sure if the hail storm set them back too far to recover, or if there was some other factor.  A few are still growing, but most have died back and those produced very few and very small potatoes.


Everything else is in excellent shape! Squash will be ready to pick early next week, and we have gotten several quarts off the peas (and probably several quarts have been eaten straight off the vine).


We have tied up the tomatoes twice already and have a few that are just starting to ripen,  and the beans have reached the tops of their poles and are getting ready to bloom.

Corn 5-25-11

The corn is starting to tassle, but for some reason, it is much shorter than the Silver Queen we have grown before, and there is a suprising descrepency in the heights of the stalks.

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  • When did you plant the potatoes? Sometimes the timing of the planting has to do with production. Mine produced great, but were pretty much done by mid-May. We just dug up the remainder the first weekend of June.

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